Serial port PCAP capture tool not just for Modbus/RTU

24 Mar 2017

This tool can capture serial port traffic and store all data in PCAP format. It is later possible to open it by Wireshark and analyze it.

This tool was created to capture Modbus/RTU on RS-485 but can be used to any other similar traffic.

It is available on my Github

Tutorial on using this capture is on YouTube

Tool is only for command line, usage: serialpcap <portName> [<baudRate> [<frameGapMs>]]

  • portName is name of the port, e.g. COM1, /dev/ttyUSB0, …
  • baudrate is speed of the serial port (default 9600)
  • frameGapMs is gap between frames in ms (default 10)

It is possible to run this tool using Mono on Linux or using .Net framework on Windows.